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– FacePainting4U does not use craft paint/tempera or acrylic paints or any product that does not comply with cosmetic regulations (this includes glitter products).


– It is important to notify FacePainting4U if a person has sensitive skin. A test patch can be performed on the inside of the arm. There is a Peanut Free paint kit available for those with allergies, so please notify me before any painting begins.


– Anyone who appears to have skin issues such as : chickenpox, ecezema, conjunctivitis, cuts, bruises, apparent coldlike symptoms and coldsores cannot be painted in the affected area. This is to prevent irritation to the area and cross contamination to myself and others. An alternative is to paint on an arm or leg.


– I would ask that parents not allow children to touch the setups and paint as I keep my table as hygienic as possible.


FacePainting4U will not accept liablity/responsiblity for any adverse reactions caused.


FacePainting4U will not paint anyone who does not want to be painted as children should enjoy their experience in a safe environment.


FacePainting4U reserves the right not to paint a design which I find personally questionable.


– All sponges are washed at high temperatures and dried thoroughly before reusing.


– Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times as FacePainting4U are not child minders. I may need to assist small children getting safely into and out of the chair.


FacePainting4U may wish to use a particular design for advertising purposes. I will approach the parent or guardian for verbal and written permission to take photos. These photos will be removed from advertising upon request.


– Glitter Tattoos will only be placed on arms and legs but not the face or upper neck areas.


 Balloons are NOT a toy   and if chewed or sucked, can pop  causing a choking hazard.  Parents are responsible to ensure their child’s safety. Balloons are not recommended for children under 3 years .