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Serving York Region & the GTA



How safe are your products?

FacePainting4U uses Face Paints that are Health Canada and FDA compliant ingredients used in the cosmetic industry.

How easy is it to remove the paints?

It is recommended to remove face painting before going to bed (good luck!). A high quality non-scented baby wipe or soap and water is all that is necessary to remove the artwork. The tattoos will last 5-7 days and can be removed by gently rubbing Q-tips soaked in baby or olive oil until it softens the glue. Do NOT rub!

Do you travel ?

I provide Face Painting, Balloon Creations, Glitter Tattoos and more for York Region and the GTA. An extra charge for gas & distance will apply for events outside my Service area (400 to 404 / Metro Road North to Major Mackenzie Drive in the south).

Do you do Fundraising, Community and Corporate Events?

Yes, I love doing Community and Corporate events.  Every year FacePainting4U picks 2 events where I give back to the community on a volunteer basis.